Web Design and Hosting by Sky-Web

  • Small Businesses - £300 for a five page site, + £40 for hosting and domain name (sites requiring a database are priced individually).
  • Amateur Musicians - £180 for a five page site, as above
  • Site optimisation fine tunes your existing site for better results and visitor retention, generally £50 per page, depending on site size.
  • mp3 file creation for musicians- for just a copy of the CD !
  • Higher search engine placement - we can improve your placement, £50 - £100 per page, depending on the number of pages.
  • Remote troubleshooting and web page problems solved - £50 per page

It's a simple fact - everyone expects your company, service or club to have a web site. If you haven't, you are missing out on a huge potential market.

If you are in any sort of business, a web site can expand your company from a local service to one which trades country-wide or even world-wide. Once set up, the actual running costs are quite cheap, comparable to a month's worth of adverts in a magazine or newspaper - but for a whole year.
The question isn't Can you afford a web site - it's Can you afford NOT to have a web site! Every day, more and more people are routinely searching on-line, and you simply can't afford not to have a web presence. A web page is an excellent addition to enhance your normal adverts - just add the web address and you have an extra set of full page adverts to be viewed.

Sky-Web will design a web site for you at competitive prices. We charge £300 for a five page site, then £30 per extra page with no extra for images produced from your supplied art work. If you have not already purchased web space of your own and a domain name, we can find a web host and a domain name registering company to meet your requirements in terms of disk space, bandwidth and price, for a £20 search/set-up fee. We would then find you a host and register your domain name for around £30 - £35 in the case of small web sites. (This usually provides one year of hosting and two years of name registration, but if you do not need PHP and MySQL services, the price can often cover two years hosting.) These services will be provided by other companies not related to Sky-Web, and the prices are not our responsibility. If however you wish to find your own web host and set up the system by yourself (something we do NOT recommend), then we can supply the finished web site on a CD at no extra cost.

We will always keep a back-up copy of your web site for you, free of charge, in case you have any problems at a future date. Maintenance contracts to update the site are discussed individually and depend on the size of the site and how frequently changes may be required. Trivial corrections during the first month will be free, at our discretion.



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