Coming Through - the solo album by Angie Wright

Angie's solo album is available for £8.99. Call 01738 850739 for your copy.

1 After the Goldrush (N. Young) 2:18
2 Crazy Man Michael mp3 (4.06Mb) (R. Thompson,
D. Swarbick)
3 Blues Run the Game (J. C. Frank) 4:29
4 Cry of the World (A. Wright) 2:32
5 Ae Fond Kiss mp3 (3.23Mb) (R. Burns) 3:30
6 Thinking Like Dylan (A. Wright) 4:52
7 Farewell to Tarwathie (Traditional) 2:59
8 Harmony (B. Malkin) 4:25
9 Mary and the Soldier (Traditional) 3:50
10 Coal not Dole (K. Sutcliffe) 2:40
Cover shot of Coming Through, Angie Wright's first solo CD

This is Angie's first solo album, a collection of tracks by artists she particularly likes, with a couple of her own songs included. It was produced and recorded by Bill Malkin at Shamwari Studio, Christleton, Chester, and completed in March 2004.

Angie would like to thank Graham Bellinger, Bill Malkin, Chris Lee and Dave Manley for their time and talent so generously given as supporting artists on these tracks.

See also Angie's second solo CD, recorded in early 2006.