Now We Are Met - the CD

Now We Are Met is available for 8.99. Call 01738 850739 for your copy.

1 What you do with what you've got mp3 2.3MB (Si Kahn) 2:25
2 As I roved out (Traditional) 4:12
3 Hunting the hare (Traditional) 2:26
4 Farewell to the gold (P. Metzers) 4:05
5 Molly na gcuach ni chuilleanain (Traditional) 3:00
6 Blackbirds and thrushes (Traditional) 3:23
7 Father adieu (E. C. Ball) 3:17
8 Maid on the shore (Traditional) 4:55
9 Ten thousand miles (Traditional) 2:50
10 Shores of old blighty (G. Miles) 4:55
11 Now we are met (Traditional) 2:01
12 Farewell to Tarwathie mp3 3.9MB (Traditional) 4:12
Now We Are Met CD Cover

The CD was recorded as if it was a live set, with the minimum of post recording effects, to capture the feel of an actual performance. It was recorded and produced by Peter Massey at The Little Room Studio, Chester. Peter specialises in producing CDs for folk and acoustic groups.

Watch out for news of their second CD. ,
See also Angie's two solo CDs, recorded in 2004 and early 2006.